Services and Acheivements

The most important services and achievements of the Department:

It has provided many services and work to serve the local community and the public and private institutions which include the following:

1. Tests: The department has conducted tests for many private and public projects in the city of Hebron and the surrounding villages and these tests include concrete, base-course,  asphalt, stone, tiles, and bricks

•  Royal Company - Concrete testing..

•  Popular Committee for the services of Al Fawwar camp -  solid concrete. testing

•  Al-Estiqama Company for Stone & Marble – testing of building Stone.

•  Delta Company - site density tests and base-course quality testing.

•  Al-Firdous Company – base-course quality testing.

•  Al Qawasmi Jewelry Company - Concrete testing.

•  Al-Loaloa Office – Testing of Concrete and  solid concrete and  testing of building iron, bricks and tiles.

•  Municipality of Dura - solid concrete testing.

•  Lord Company - Concrete testing.

•  Al-Ayaydeh Contracting Company - Concrete and iron testing.

•  Palestine Standard Institution- Concrete and solid concrete testing.

•  Tafouh Municipality - Asphalt Testing.

•  Testing of concrete and solid concrete, and also  iron, bricks and  tiles testing  for individual members of the community.

2.  Preparing construction reports: many construction reports, redesign and construction calculations have been prepared for many sites which include:

•  Redesigning and adding a floor to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Girls’ School - Dura Municipality.

•  Redesigning and adding a floor to Dura Martyrs School - Municipality of Dura.

•  Redesigning and adding a floor to Omar Ibn Abdel Aziz School in Beit Ainoun - Municipality of Seir.

•  Redesigning and adding a floor to Khursa Girls’ Secondary School - Khursa Village Council.

•  Redesigning and adding floors to Al-Jalajel Girls’ Elementary School after conducting a loading test for the school and conducting solid concrete tests – Parents’ Council in Jalajel.

•  Preparation of a construction report for Al Majd Elementary Mixed School - Dura Municipality

•  Structural design for multiple private buildings.

 3. The University Buildings: Since its inception, the Department has continued to equip and supervise the construction of university buildings.

  • Follow-up supervision and making the necessary tests for building B + Wadi Al-Hariya - Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Vehicles Testing Center.
  • Follow-up the various construction testing of Building C  - Wadi Al-Hariya Building - Civil and Architectural Engineering.
  • Follow-up the construction testing of Building B +- College of Applied Sciences and Architectural Engineering.
  • Follow-up construction testing of Building A +, Stone and Marble Building and College of Applied Professions.
  • Follow-up construction testing  for building two additional floors above Building C.

4. Licensing of the University Buildings: The Department has continued to prepare the cadastral plans required for licensing applications for the various university buildings.