Financial Department


From the beginning of the University Graduate Union (UGU) in 1953, an “Accounting Office” was established to achieve more timely, accurate and transparent reporting.  Ever since, this office has controlled and supervised all of the UGU's assets and financial resources as much as revenues and expenditure.  The financial accountability has been done by using accounting principles and programs.
In order to meet the increasing demands of, and for, financial transparency, the 'Accounting Office' has been developed and called the “Financial Department.”
The Financial Department plays a crucial role in managing, monitoring and executing all of the financial and budgetary operations for the UGU establishments and employees, absolutely making sure that thing are done accurately and in a timely manner.  Specifically, it provides the UGU and the administration of PPU with the financial and budgetary services, which are based on prudent fiscal controls that adhere to policy implementation, accounting principles and procedures.  As the university has grown and evolved, most of the financial functions within the Financial Department are completely computerized.

  • Maintaining transparency
  • Maintaining the stability of the University on the finical base.  
  • Reviewing the recruiting and hiring processes 
  • Employee development and training by adding and/or updating courses to the Department of Finance Training Program and adding employee development plans to the annual employee assessment process.
  • Investing in the development of our management team by increasing the number of managers attending Management Development Training.
  • Conducting an internal assessment of the use of information technology and identifying areas where Department of Finance can leverage the use of technology in its day to day operations 
  • Developing an accurate budget
  • Coordinating activities with other departments
  • Procuring funds
  • Paying off debts
  • Working with the Department of Personnel Administration on a plan to fund the Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB).
  • Fuad Hamdan/ Chief Financial Officer
  • Ashraf Mohtaseb/ Accouting
  • Ahmad Karama/ Accounting 
  • Khalid Qawasmeh/ Installments
  • Nihad Alshareef/ Financial fund
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