About the University-Palestine Polytechnic University


“Palestine Polytechnic University” in Hebron is a Palestinian public university that is committed to the laws of the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. PPU is recognized with its membership in organizations including the Palestinian Higher Education Council, Union of Arab Universities, the Association of Islamic Universities, and the World University Federation. The university enjoys close cooperative relations with many Arab and international academic and civil society organizations.

Taking into consideration the circumstances, needs and traditions of Palestinian people, the university provides its students with an academic atmosphere pledged to Arab and Islamic values. PPU not only exploits all potentials seeking to achieve the utmost academic results in both theory and practice, but also operates at full capacity to implement advanced technologies to harness the educational process so as to keep pace with recent scientific trends.


University Evolution and Establishment

At the initiative of University Graduates Union in the city of Hebron, this institution was found in 1978 as a technical and engineering school leading to a diploma level.  In 1991, it has evolved over a long leap and was acknowledged as a university that awards bachelor degrees in some Engineering programs. in1999, PPU had four collages that grant both diploma and bachelor degrees in a number of academic programs. Consistent with the needs for community, PPU launched master degree programs in 2006 and then started to launch PhD degree programs in 2018.


Councils and Constitutional Bodies
The University has a number of councils, and constitutional and administrative bodies that support, sponsor and manage its affairs. The foremost among these are:
Board of Trustees
University Council
Deans Council   
College and Departmental Councils 


Programs and Curricula
Keeping abreast of global civilization, technological developments, and operational achievements in different disciplines, Palestine Polytechnic University is introducing outstanding academic programs that constantly keep pace with innovative curricula in the changing realm of knowledge. This is a key part in the PPU vision and mission where fostering innovation and scientific and technological development is set as a priority.


Language of Education

Palestine Polytechnic University not only has a keen interest   in Standard Arabic, but also employs the use of language in scientific venues. English language is introduced to be the language of teaching the vast majority of academic programs so as to meet the needs of being a privileged applied technological university.


Academic Exchange

Palestine Polytechnic University truly believes in cooperation, exchanging expertise and exchanging faculty specialized knowledge with Palestinian, Arab, Islamic and world universities in different disciplines of science and technology. PPU keeps strong bonds with many universities and research bodies. These relations are regulated by establishing twinning and cooperative relationships.


the Academic System

PPU runs on an hours-based credit system where the academic year is divided into two semesters-16 school weeks per semester, including the- 8 school weeks of active summer term. The minimum load for undergraduate students is 12 credits per semester and the maximum load is 19 credits. For a degree-completion plan, graduates may register 21 credits. PPU courses include university, college, department and major requirements, including laboratory and practical courses that represent 20-25% of the total number of all courses. This proportion obtained a consensus on the International Quality Standards in Higher Education. A graduate student shall earn a bachelor degree after successfully completing the number of credits required in his degree-completion plan at a rate of (132) credits for a bachelor's degree in all colleges except the Faculty of Engineering; the number of credits approved is approximately (168) hours. Diploma leading programs; however; have a total of 72   credit hours distributed over four semesters.


University Laboratories and Scientific Infra Structure

PPU has a considerable number of science laboratories that are well- equipped with accurate scientific instruments. These laboratory units are particularly well suited to specialized knowledge, practical experiments and theoretical studies. The university is endlessly keen to update its laboratories, to expand the use of technology in the educational process, and to provide a large number of computer labs to serve the educational process and scientific research. In addition, the university is providing internet service to ensure effective communication with libraries and research centers so as to obtain information from diverse scientific springs. PPU students and academics are both privileged with the PPU library where electronic reference service and global electronic scientific databases are provided.