PPU Campuses



The university campus is situated in various areas of Hebron city, including Dahiat Albaladia, Abu Romman, Ain Sarah, and Nemra where the university hospital is located.

Dahiat Albaladia campus consists of A, A+, B, B+, C, and the Student Activities Building of Palestine Polytechnic University. These buildings house the following:

  • Building A: College of Applied Professions
  • Building A+: Munib Al Masri Building for Excellence and Creativity (College of Applied Professions)
  • Building B: College of Engineering
  • Building B+: College of Applied Sciences, Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.
  • Building C: University Administration, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering, and Deanship of Dual Studies.
  • Palestine-Korea Biotechnology Center for Biotechnology Research and the Joint Human Medicine Program, as well as the Deanship of Admission and Registration, and the Financial Department.
  • The Student Activities Building is also part of the campus.

Abu Romman Campus

  • The College of Administrative Sciences and Informatics Building.
  • Friends of Fawzi Kawash IT Center of Excellence Building, along with the Center of Excellence and Continuing Education.


In addition to these buildings:

  • The main building, which houses The Palestinian National Center of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection; and the Vehicles Testing Center.
  • The Center of Excellence and Continuing Education, and Technical Services & Consultations.
  • The University Hospital located in Nemra.