PPU Campuses



Dahiat Albaladia Campus

  • Building  A: College of Applied Professions.

  • Building A+:Munib al-Masri for Excellence and Creativity.

  • Building B:  College of Engineering.

  • Building B+:College of Applied Sciences, Deanship of Graduate Studies and scientific Research.

  • Building C:  Vice Presidents Offices & and Administration Units, College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering.

  • Building C:  Palestine Korea Biotechnology Center and the Joint  Human Medicine Program.

  • Student Activities Building

Download the PDF of the campus map.


Abu Romman Campus

  • Administrative Sciences and Informatics College Building.

  • Friends of Fawzi Kawash IT Centre of Excellence Building.

In addition to the following building:

  • University Graduates Union Building (U.G.U).

  • Continuing Education Department and Department of Technical and Engineering Consultancy.

  • University Hospital in Nimra.