Public and International Relations and Media Department


Public Relations Department was established in 1978, its one of the most important departments of the university since it is considered the gate through which the university overlook the community, the Arab and international world. PR reflects the bright image of the University and shows the capacity of the university to serve the community and enhance the presence of this unique academic institution within other local universities and in the Arab World,  The public relations team's vision is to promote and enhance the University's image and reputation at the local, national and International level, as to foster links between PPU and all its stakeholders.

  • Raise the image and reputation of the University between other universities at the local, regional and international level.
  • Build a long term relations between supportive donors and PPU's development plan.
  • Establish a very strong communication language internally and externally that can be supportive to the University at all levels and between all the PPU's stakeholders.
  • Provide cultural and social development programs for students to change the image of the University of Purely Technical to the cultural scientifi
  • Build Media and public relations
  • Connect and communicate with internal and external parties and networking:
    • communicate with donors at all levels (local, regional and international)
    • communicate with the media in all its forms.
    • communicate with governmental departments and officials to discuss the possibilities of coordination, and access to support and exchange information.
    • Raise the image of the University on the local , regional and International levels, and to ensure the involvement of all parties in the delivery of the mission of the university and its goals for all levels.
    • Co-ordinate of major University events
    • Follow up on signed agreements between the university and outside parties to ensure the implementation, and try to attract more of those that serve the university at all levels.
    • Document the various activities of the university and its achievements throughout the year.
    • Supervise the University publications (including the Brochure, Annual Report, Alumni Magazine,…….)
    • Provide general information about the University to the public, visitors and delegations
    • Manage the content of the University's website, and taking a lead role in developing the University's web strategy
    • Organize receiving official delegations, and preparing for meetings for the General Administration departments .
    • Organize Cultural Palestinian events.

Amjad Barham

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