Diwan & Public Services Department


The DPSD supervises the university archives, the outgoing and incoming, and follows up the public services and the maintenance of  the university buildings.  This department also provides all necessary services to all the university's facilities and staff, and follows up the services provided among the different buildings of the university as well as the facilities guarding and security.



The DPSD aims to make a full record of all the achievements and works of the university over the years. This will ensure the preservation of the university history and its achievements as well as keeping all its academic and administrative records. It also ensures the provision of necessary services to all employees, departments and students in all fields.


  • Supervise, maintain and follow up the University's systems
  • Supervise the electronic archiving of all the outgoings and incomings of the university.
  • Archive all the outgoing and incoming correspondence of the University administration.
  • Supervise the staff of the DPSD and distribute tasks among them.
  • Supervise guarding and security and all related to the control services of the university property.
  • Supervise correspondence among the various units of the university
  • Supervise the cafeterias’ activities and ensure the cleanliness of these facilities, in addition to determining the requirements of their services in terms of quality and prices.
  • Protect and preserve the university environment and the areas surrounding the university buildings.
  • Supervise the maintenance work, in general.



Khaldoun Abdeen - Department Director:


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