Electronic Data and Archiving Sector


Due to the vast and continuous increase in the size of the institutions and their documents in many fields, and the desire of these institutions to organize their data in a way that saves a lot of time and effort and ensures the preservation of these data, there has been an urgent need for an integrated system to carry out all the processes dealing with Data, such as indexing, archiving, summarizing, searching, and retrieving.

The administrative documents are actually the backbone of any one practicing any public work. Palestine Polytechnic University is one of the universities standing out as one of the institutions that is keen to practice scientific management based on the information and facts recorded to minimize the randomness of decision making.  The PPU has a lot of administrative documents that indicate the size of the work carried out and relied on in the management of educational and research affairs and its development. Therefore, it has been necessary for the university to use the modern scientific methods in the archiving of documents to increase their effectiveness.

In line with the strategic plan that the university seeks to apply, especially in the field of modern technology in which it aspires to be the first at the level of universities, the PPU has to be among the first in this field and achieve the following positive benefits:

•       Preserving the cultural and scientific heritage of the university.

•       Easy access to the information in a timely fashion as fast and effortless as possible.

•       Easy exchange of information among archiving users while saving time of any size.

•       Streamlined work within the system in order to move the documents smoothly all  through the work stages.

•       Easy integration with different technologies such as image processors and scanners.

•       Keep the data strictly confidential so that only the authorized person can see it.

•       Secure data against any potential risk of archiving.

•       Classifying documents in a way that matches the work method in organization using the patterns already prepared for this action.

•       Ability to handle all types of data, both organized and unorganized.

•       Ability to use different search methods to find the required data quickly and easily.

•       Use advanced technologies such as fax and e-mail to enable the users  to deal with documents.





To make the PPU Center for Documentation and Archives the central center  for serving all the university employees.


To preserve and make the University documents and archives available to all employees in the university, and to facilitate access to them in their various forms and types, each according to his/her authority in a manner that ensures confidentiality, safety and optimum benefit.


General Goals:

1. Preserving university documents.

2. Providing access to documents for the University employees, each according to his/her authority.

3. Organizing documents and archives by using the latest technologies and methods.

4. Approval and development of the administrative structure of the electronic Archive Section to achieve the goals of the department.

5. Developing the human capabilities of the electronic Archive Section.

6. Cooperation with the documents centers and the like.



 -Khaldoun Abdeen



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