The Quality Policy

 The TCSD is one of the non-academic departments of Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU), which is concerned with serving the local community by raising the level of engineering work and complying with the requirements of accreditation (IEC / ISO / 17025: 2005). It is also keen to develop and update the systems of the laboratories continue to meet the requirements of the local community.

The department is also committed to maintaining the satisfaction of service seekers in all the services it provides. Accordingly, all its activities are organized because meeting the expectations of the service seekers by the Department through following the Quality assurance system is a fundamental task for each employee in the department, each according to his/her position and location. The department always strives to deliver distinguished services at the highest levels to its clients and to ensure that these services meet their needs, requirements and expectations through:

  • Giving utmost attention to the needs and requirements of service seekers and increasing their satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including  processes for sustainable improvement.
  • Translating the quality policy of the department into actions on the ground to improve its services.
  • Complying with and maintaining all the requirements of the international standard in the field of Quality System for Testing and Calibration Laboratories No. IEC / ISO / 17025: 2005 and to ensure the proper application of the system.
  • Making sure the applicants do not receive any test or service unless it meets their requirements and expectations.
  • Pledging to give continuous training to the Department staff in order to improve and upgrade their skills and competence.