Palestine Polytechnic University holds the Fifth National Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

On November 25, 2019, Palestine Polytechnic University held the Fifth National Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training under the auspices of HE the Prime Minister of the State of Palestine Dr. Mohammad Ishtayeh, and arranged by the College of Applied Professions at the University. The Conference was attended by HE Ahmad Sa’id Bayoud Tamimi, the member of the Executive Committee of the PLO /Chairman of the  Council of Graduates Union and the Board of Trustees, members of the Graduates Union Council, the Prime Ministers’ Representative, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Ishaq Sider, in addition to Dr. Ola Awad, President of the Palestinian Central Bureau,  Dr. Rafiq Ja’bari, Hebron Governor’s representative, and Dr. Taysir Abu Snaineh, Mayor of Hebron. It was also attended by the President of Palestine Polytechnic University Prof. Imad Khatib and his vice-presidents, the Chairman of the Conference Dr. Mohammad Abu Taha, the University deans of the colleges, the academic and administrative staff member, in addition to a large number of figures from governmental, official , local and community organizations in Hebron Governorate, the leaders of Security Services, the participating Palestinian institutions and University students.
 It is noteworthy that participants also from the University Intermediate College for Applied Sciences in Gaza and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan joined the conference via video conferencing.
 Al-Tamimi welcomed the attendees and praised the technical and vocational education and the university's development in this important field at the national economic level. He added that Palestine Polytechnic University continues, within the framework of building institutions,  to promote to the development of the education sector and TVET, taking into account the Palestinian market needs.
After that Dr. Ishaq Sider thanked the College of Applied Professions and all partners for holding this important conference. He pointed out that in this conference there was an opportunity to review and identify the government's policies and its development plans in education as well as working on and confronting all the development challenges through the reconsideration of TVET and raising its level to alleviate poverty and achieve economic growth on all levels. He noted also that the government is fully prepared to follow up on the recommendations of the conference.
 Al-Ja’bari then  stressed the need to form a follow-up committee of all partners in order to implement the recommendations of the conference to benefit the vocational and technical education sector in the State of Palestine.
As well, Abu Sneineh praised the graduates of Palestine Polytechnic University and stressed the importance of highlighting the TVET sector, emphasizing its importance for all the segments of the Palestinian community.
Awad also pointed out that we determined to be here today because of our interest in Palestinian universities, especially Palestine Polytechnic University, and she praised the field of data science at the national, regional and international level, noting that the challenges facing Palestinians enhance their determination to continue to work to develop our economy and all the components of the State of Palestine.
Al-Khatib talked about the university's vision towards innovation entrepreneurial university and praised this kind of education,  pointing out that the PPU has been the first in this field at the national level, seeking to achieve the strategy of university competitiveness in the local, regional and global labor market. He also stressed the importance of building an effective partnership between the stakeholders in the  government, private, and academic sectors and education and training institutions in TVET, which will reflect positively on the future of this important sector.
Abu Taha said that the fifth conference in TVET came as a continuation of the previous series of conferences and in conformity with the national strategy to support and develop TVET in Palestine, aiming to contribute to the enhancement of the TVET role in the development of the Palestinian national economy.
The conference included research sessions and scientific papers presented by researchers and faculty members in universities, colleges, technical and vocational institutes, vocational training centers, research centers and relevant public and private institutions that contribute significantly to the development of TVET in the State of Palestine.
At the end of the conference, the President of the Conference extended his thanks to all the partners, the Chairman and members of the Board of Trustees and the University administration. Also, he expressed his thanks to the participating and supportive institutions of the Conference, all the presidents and members of the conference committees, and to everyone participated in preparing, holding, and contributing to this Conference.
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