Palestine Polytechnic University team wins first places and receives the National Programming Competition Trophy

The team of the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering (CITCE) at Palestine Polytechnic University won the first places in the National Programming Competition for University Students   (ACM-PCPC2019) which was held at the Ministry of Communication under the auspices of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Dr. Ishaq Sider.
The team of the (CITCE) has been the winner in this competition and received the  trophy this year as well  and is qualified to represent Palestine in the regional competition at the end of this month in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The competition was held in a highly competitive atmosphere for more than five continuous hours. 43 teams from 15 Palestinian universities from the West Bank and Gaza Strip competed in this competition. The 8th. national competition, the most important and the largest at the level of global programming competitions, was held under the supervision of a Palestinian and Arab team headed by Dr. Musa Irfa’yeh, in the presence of technical delegates who prepare and follow up all the details of the competition. It should be noted that the questions are prepared by experts in the Arab countries, and they consist of real life problems in all fields of computer science. Each participating group should try to solve and program as many as possible and they are immediately corrected by using automatic arbitration systems under the supervision of an international committee.
The results of the competition were announced at the Ministry headquarter by Arab arbitrators in a remarkable ceremony attended by the Arab Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
In this competition,  (7) UP team, consisting of Mohammad Al-Natsheh, Mohammad Al-Shaloudi and Khaled Al-Joubah under the supervision of the trainer Iman Al-Sharabati, represented the university on the first place in the State of Palestine. Also,  (GeogleMe) team, consisting of Walid Ju’beh, Ameer Takrouri, and Basel Atawneh, ( Fedora) team, consisting of Aseel Arafa, Qusay Hroub, and Ahmad Al Karaki, and  the (Space) team, consisting of Madiha Tahboub, Ruba Irshaid, Mohammad Samahin, participated in this competition.
The Dean of the College Dr. Zain Salah said that the achievement of this college is very natural, as the students of the college have had an intensive and hard training to win the first place and really deserved it. Then, he thanked the university administration represented by Dr. Imad Khatib and his vice-presidents and the University Board of Trustees, represented by its Chairman HE Mr. Ahmed Tamimi, for the College’s unlimited and valuable support which played a great role in winning the competition. As well, Dr. Mustafa Abu Al-Safa, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, added that the achievement of the students of the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering as well as having advanced ranks in this competition came as a result of the great efforts and the appropriate academic process in the university, in addition to receiving intensive and continuous training by distinguished technicians and supervisors; all motivated these students to excel and bring out their creativity.
The College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering extended its thanks to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology represented by HE Dr. Ishaq Sider,  the Palestinian Computer Association, and the Palestinian and International Organizing Committee.
It is noteworthy that Palestine Polytechnic University is working hard to enhance the competitiveness of its students at the international level by providing an appropriate atmosphere to bring out their technical, practical and scientific innovations in all specializations, as well as supporting the students’ participation in international forums.
Department of Public Relations & Media