The University’s President participated in the 51th. anniversary of establishing the United Holy Lands Fund ( UHLF) and the annual Charity Ceremony in the United States of America

At the invitation of the UHLF in Chicago in the United States of America, the President of Palestine Polytechnic University Prof. Imad Khatib participated in the ceremony of the 51st.  anniversary of the UHLF and its charity event, held with the participation of the Arab community in Chicago. The President of the University was the keynote speaker at the event which was attended by a group of the American institutions’ supporters and philanthropists from the Arab community. Al-Khatib extended the greetings of the Board of Trustees and the University administration to the Arab Community and the UHLF, expressing their appreciation for their support to the Palestinian University students, including Palestine Polytechnic University. Al-Khatib talked about the great challenges facing higher education, especially the lack of financial resources and he asked  the Arab and Palestinian Community to be the  voice of the Palestinians and the Arabs and stand firmly against any violation or  challenges facing the People and the Land as a result of the American administration’s support and bias against Palestinians.  Then he called for unity and strong involvement in supporting candidates for the American Congress of Arab and Palestinian expatriate youth and not to leave this arena to others and  just be content with the success of business.
It is noteworthy that the UHLF which was founded in 1968 after the Catastrophe (Al-Nakba) and the loss of the entire Palestinian land, has succeeded, all during these years, in supporting Palestinian students through its scholarships and has been able to survive in spite of the closure of many Arab charities. During the two years 2018 and  2019, the UHLF offered scholarships, worth about one million dollars, for Palestinian university students as well as supporting orphanages with a sum amounting to up to $ 700 thousand. On the sidelines of the ceremony, Dr. Al-Khatib met with a delegation of Palestinian businessmen and briefed them about the university and its infrastructure projects and their importance in enhancing resilience and building human capital.  Then he invited them to visit the university and support its programs.
Department of Public Relations & Media