Palestine Polytechnic University receives a new project and international cooperation seeking to develop a therapeutic vaccine for lung cancer

As part of the Al-Maqdisi Program that seeks to support Palestinian-French cooperation in the field of scientific research, funded by the French Consulate and within the course of competitive projects for  2019/2020, the project of Dr. Yacoub Al-Ashhab, of Palestine Korea Biotechnology Center, has won a two-year funding, in a partnership with Dr. Mami-Chouai, of the Gustave Roussy which is one of the leading institutes in the field of cancer research in Europe.
The joint project seeks to develop a therapeutic vaccine by using immune-provoking bacterial vesicles developed at Palestine Korea Biotechnology Center at Palestine Polytechnic University during the past two years. The vaccine will be tested in animals in the laboratory in advanced stages of the project,
It is noteworthy that Palestine Polytechnic University is making continuous efforts and implementing innovative initiatives with many international organizations to raise the level of the university and its global competitiveness.


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