Palestine Polytechnic University becomes a member of the Association of Energy Engineers in the USA

Palestine Polytechnic University has achieved a new accomplishment, in addition to its scientific and professional credentials, by becoming a member of the Association of Energy Engineers in the United States and  having the  accreditation to open a branch for Association in Palestine. This was stated publicly on the sidelines of the 41st Global Conference of the Association at the end of last October. 
Dr. Hussein Amro, member of this Association and supervisor of the student branch at the University commented by saying ”  this is a great achievement that will enhance the level of representation of the university in international academic and professional forums”.
This achievement will strongly support the local and international status of Palestine at the local and global level. The Association will also be a global platform for Palestinian engineers and helping them to gain the trust of the local and global market as well as enhancing the competency of engineers and the workers in energy sector. It also offers training services and consultancy to sectors of renewable energy, energy management, and energy and sustainability services.
The association will also help its members, engineers and students to empower them and develop their skills, and this will also contribute to ensuring the quality of technical and engineering education in Palestine.
The student: Ali Shaheen accompanied by a team and headed the Association at Palestine Polytechnic University, will carry out projects and activities for students and the local community.
It is noteworthy that the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) was founded in 1977 in the United States of America. It is a non-profit association that cares about energy engineering, energy management, renewable energy, energy production, and energy and sustainability services.  It has more than 18000 members in 90 countries, and  it offers internationally recognized certificates for students participating in training courses and programs. It has to be noted that Palestine became a member in this Association in 2016.
Department of Public Relations & Media