Palestine Polytechnic University holds the Third Symposium on University Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at the PPU held the Third Symposium on Teaching and Learning in the presence of Dr. Imad Khatib, the University President, his vice presidents, deans of colleges and chairmen of departments,  in addition to a number of the academic and administrative staff at the University.
Dr. Imad Khatib opened the symposium by pointing out the importance of university teaching and learning and its role in achieving the University vision and its academic plan.
Then, Dr. Adnan Shehadeh, the Director of the CETL, delivered a speech in which he briefed the activities and achievements of the Center during the previous year and he gave a presentation, showing the results of evaluation of the practices of the University teachers in terms of teaching and learning and critical thinking.
As well, Dr. Hasan Sawalha, the Director of Quality Unit, gave a presentation on the Palestinian universities rankings, pointing out that the quality of education is the cornerstone of academic excellence in local Palestinian universities.
Dr. Mustafa Abu Safa, the Vice President of the University talked about the university teaching and learning policies that will be introduced and implemented at the beginning of the next academic year.
After that,  there was a discussion with the President of the University and his vices presidents about important issues related to teaching and learning and the development of the university and its next plan.
During this day, a number of creative initiatives in teaching and learning were presented by a number of academic researchers at the University: Dr. Samir Hanna, Dr. Sharaf Taradeh, Dr. Raed Amro, Eng. Nidal Abu Rajab, and Mr. Amjad Natsheh, These initiatives have resulted in coming up with a number of recommendations to work on and implement in order to ensure the achievement of quality in education to achieve the University vision and mission as well.
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