Palestine Polytechnic University signs Cooperation Agreement with Goethe Institute for German Language

The President of Palestine Polytechnic University, Prof. Imad Khatib, and the Director of Goethe Institute Ms. Mona Kreigler, signed a joint cooperation agreement to promote cooperation between Palestine Polytechnic University and Goethe Institute to establish the first branch of Goethe Institute in the southern part of the West Bank. The signing ceremony was attended by Mrs. Orte Leopold, the Chairman of Languages Department, Dr. Mustafa Abu Safa, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Engineer Ayman Sultan, the Vice-President of Planning and Development, in addition to Dr. Mohammad Tamimi, the Director of Language and Translation Center and a number of German teachers and coordinators at the Institute.

On the same day of the visit, the attendees opened the branch of Goethe Institute at the Language and Translation Center at the PPU, and then a lecture hall was furnished by the Goethe Institute. This come with the University vision towards  an entrepreneurial university serving both the student and the community.                                         

Dr. Al Khatib expressed the importance of providing these services to university students and the local community for Germany and its language play a great role in contributing to the development of the university staff in the academic and research field. Mrs. Krajler expressed her gratitude and thanks to the University for hosting a branch of their Institute at the University to serve Hebron in particular and the southern part of the West Bank in general..

Dr. Al-Tamimi also said that the Language ​​and Translation Center at the University and the Goethe Institute began to offer specialized courses in German to the university students, staff  and the community more than a year ago, which helped them to save the trouble of traveling to Ramallah to take these specialized courses. He also  stressed that the turnout of these courses will increase after the opening of a new branch of the Institute with modern equipment to help students to learn the language more easily and with more confident.

It is noteworthy that the Goethe-Institute is the only institution authorized to prepare students and those interested in learning German to obtain a visa to go to Germany for study or for business purposes.

Information & Public Relations Department