Dr. Ismail Romi published a joint research paper with researcher from Algeria


Dr. Ismail Roma jointly with Dr. Sabah Gharbi and Dr. Hamza Syah, both from Algeria, published a scientific research entitled " "Towards a Model for Corporate Governance for Algerian Companies" in the Journal of Economics of Finance and Business published by the Institute of Economics, Commercial Sciences and Management Sciences in Algeria. The research focused on corporate governance and models and how it can be applied to companies.

The corporate governance has been widely used by countries and international organizations and has become prerequisite for the advancement of economic and social development. The issue of  governance garnered much interest from scholars and companies but no unified framework for corporate governance has been reached. The study aimed at introducing the different governance models, and extracting prior researches’ testing results as well as analyzing and comparing between them to reach a suitable model that can be applied in the Algerian companies

The study concluded with the necessity for a set of principles that go in accordance with the Algerian companies as well as adjusting the procedural definition to assess its efficiency in those companies

Link to the article: https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/en/article/83687

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