Accreditation of the Joint PhD Program in Information Technology Engineering at Palestine Polytechnic University



The PPU has received the accreditation for the PhD program in Information Technology Engineering from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education,  a joint program with al-Quds University and the Arab American University.

On this occasion, the University administration, represented by its President Prof. Imad Khatib and his vice presidents, thanked the committee of the PhD program in Information Technology Engineering at the University for the great efforts made over three successive years to obtain this accreditation.

The notion to establish this doctoral Program in IT Engineering started about three years ago at Palestine Polytechnic University.  A committee presided by Dr. Nabeel Irman and membership of Dr. Mahmod Saheb, Dr. Radwan Tahboub and Dr. Mousa Farajallah was chosen to prepare the accreditation application for this program. The committee received  support, encouragement and coordination from the University administration, the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering, and the Deanship of Graduate Studies. The University has also provided all the potentials, resources and infrastructure to obtain the accreditation for this program.

A partnership agreement was signed with the Arab American University and al-Quds University for their remarkable academic cadre and postgraduate studies programs which will constitute a firm ground for the proposed doctoral program. The application was submitted on behalf of the partner universities through the office of the Vice President at Palestine Polytechnic University for accreditation by the National Commission for Accreditation and Quality in 2018.

It is noteworthy that a number of European and International universities has expressed their willingness to assist in the implementation of the doctoral program by conducting joint scientific research to serve the program objectives. A general program committee from the three partner universities will start to take practical steps to ensure the launch of this program to serve the specified goals set for it as well as the progress of scientific research in Palestine.



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