Palestine Polytechnic University wins the Best Paper Award at the 4th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICICT2019) for the Image Processing track in the UK

The PPU has won the best paper award on Image Processing at the 4th Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICICT2019). The conference was held at Brunel University in London with the participation of researchers from several European and international countries.

The research presented by Dr. Mohammed Abu Taha received the best paper award for the research presented in the image processing track, dealing with the encryption of images transmitted directly from the control systems and ensuring their safe access. The images are transferred to remote computing servers through many networks and analyzed using special analysis systems to allow object recognition.

The goal of this paper is to secure the transfer of the image from the live monitoring systems and prevent the modification during the process of transmission to the servers, and the use of image analysis technology to identify the object.

It is noteworthy that this type of award is awarded to researchers who provide distinguished scientific contributions and as an appreciation for their researches that aim at solving scientific and technological problems with social and economic impact, and to enhance the spirit of competition among researchers, which contributes to the enrichment of scientific research and its development.

This research is part of cyber-security, which is the sum of the technological, technical and administrative means that are used to prevent unauthorized use and misuse of data, in order to ensure the availability and continuity of the work of information systems and to enhance the protection, privacy and privacy of personal data as well as taking all necessary measures.

With rise in cyber-attacks and malicious programs, the need for security and protection for the data of ordinary users, and even public and private companies, has seriously emerged. the term cyber-security has emerged clearly these days. This is due to the connection to computer systems in all social and practical aspects of life. The use of the internet has become interlinked in all fields and applications from the simplest: sending an e-mail, to the most important: e-commerce, banking and financial operations.

It is worth mentioning also that this research is jointly conducted by Palestine Polytechnic University and researchers from the University of Strasbourg, Lille University and Nantes University in France.


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