Palestine Polytechnic University receives the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Palestine

The PPU represented by its President Prof. Imad Khatib, Vice President of Community affairs Dr. Mohammad Ghazi Qawasmi, the Director of the Palestinian National Center of Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection (COSHEP)  Mr. Nafez Sha'rawi, received Mr. Muneer Qleibu, the Director of ILO and Dr. Ameen Wreidat, the ILO's expert on Occupational safety and Health. The meeting tackled a number of issues pertaining the relationship between the PPU and the ILO, especially Safety and Occupational Health, and the participation mechanism of  the Center in developing the safety system in Palestine and the activities of the ILO.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. al-Khatib addressed the mechanisms of cooperation to develop the College of Medicine, especially the Occupational Medicine, with the participation of the Labor Organization, the Palestinian National Center and foreign universities such as the Turkish Universities. The representative of the Labor Organization expressed interest in occupational medicine and the mechanism of networking with relevant institutions.

Also, the visiting delegation stressed the importance of supporting the Palestinian National Center of Occupational Safety and Health in spreading the culture of safety and training stakeholders, in light of the Ministry's adoption of the law of the OSHEP Supervisors as well as working on the graduation of  specialized supervisors that meet the needs of the Ministry of Labor.

 At the end of the meeting, another meeting was held at the NCOSH headquarter to study the curricula and make a plan for the implementation of a series of awareness programs on occupational safety and health issues.

It is noteworthy that the Director of NCOSH  has been accredited, by the Palestinian Minister of Labor, as a member of the Curriculum and Course Committee for the OSHEP's supervisors Program.


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