Palestine Polytechnic University participates in the International Conference "Refugees" and discusses the prospects of cooperation with the Turkish city of Bursa

The President of Palestine Polytechnic University Prof. Imad Khatib, participated in the opening of the International Conference on "Refugees" at the invitation of the Municipality of the Turkish city of Bursa, the KADEM  Foundation,  and the two Turkish universities: Bursa Technical University and Uludag University. Prof.  al-Khatib started the opening session by giving the greetings of Hebron institutions and the University to Turkey and its institutions and stressed the importance of the conference at the global level and particularly to the Palestinians, who has undergone and been associated with the so-called the Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe), which has been a major part of the original Palestinian national narrative. Then,  he thanked the organizers of the conference for inviting him to participate in the opening and the first session.

In the first session of the Conference,  al-Khatib gave a presentation entitled "One hundred years of the Palestinian Nakba, and al-Nakba continues". He talked  about the preliminary stages of the Palestinian Nakba, starting from the nineteenth century, the British Mandate,  partition, and ending with al-Nakba and  what the Palestinians are witnessing today of double standards in dealing with the Palestinian cause and the great injustice and oppression the Palestinian undergoing these days, without any serious action taken by the international community that represents international legitimacy but does not dare to implement its decision.

As for cooperation with the city of Bursa institutions, which is one of the most important cities of industrial and economic incubators in Turkey, Prof. al-Khatib  met with the  members of Bursa Municipality and explained to them the similarities between the city of Bursa and the city of Hebron, and he called for activating the cooperation agreement between the two cities, which was signed  by the mayors of the two municipalities in 2014. A meeting was then arranged in cooperation with the University between the Chamber of Commerce of Bursa and a number of economists interested in Palestine. In the meeting, the University delegation explained what the university is doing in light of the difficult economic situation, focusing on the University achievements in health programs and the infrastructure needed for these programs,

As for the relations between the PPU University and the Turkish Bursa and Uludag universities, the President of Bursa University, Prof. Aref  Karadamire,  received the PPU's President Prof. al-Khatib, and they discussed the implementation of the agreement that was signed earlier. Prof.. al-Khatib  thanked the President of the University for hosting the University delegation from the College of Applied Professions and for granting a postgraduate scholarship for one of the college teachers.

During his visit to Bursa University, Prof.  Al-Khatib gave a lecture to the university students and a number of administrative and teaching staff  members on "Palestine and higher education" and at the end of the lecture, he answered  the many questions raised by the audience.

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