Palestine Polytechnic University wins the First Place at the Programming Competition for the Arab Universities at the Jordanian Site

The PPU has sat on the throne after being crowned the winner in the first place at the programming competition for the Arab Universities at the Jordan site 7UP. The winning team consisted of the students:  Mohammad al-Shaloudi, Khaled al-Ju'beh, and Mohammad al-Natsheh, from the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering, the trainer: engineer Eman al-Sharabanit and the supervisor and leader Dr. Mousa Farajallah.
The persons organizing this competition expressed their admiration for this Palestinian achievement as this has been the third time Palestine participated in this competition at Arab World level. The winning team from Palestine Polytechnic University in the Programming Competition has been the most distinguished among all other participating teams at the national and the regional level in the last five years.
The competition was held in Ramada Hotel in Jordan and in the Conference Palace at Sharm al-Sheikh. The teams qualified for this competition were 130 from approximately 1600 teams re[resenting most of the Arab universities. Another three highly competitive students from Palestine Polytechnic University: Basel Atawneh, Waleed al-Ju'beh and Ameer Takrouri, the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering at Palestini,  also participated in the competition.
It is noteworthy that this competition is the largest and the most important in the world, starting with local competitions in each participating country. A regional competition is then held and the qualified teams from the participating countries will compete against each other in this competition and the winning teams in the regional competition will advance to the final world competition. These competent teams represent most of the universities in the world and they will compete for five hours to solve a number of programming issues that pose complex life problems using computer programming. Moreover, the competition follows the same rules of the world programming competition and it is supervised by Arab and International arbitrators or judges. It aims to improve and develop the students' skills in programming, thinking and planning to solve problems as groups and to open up global horizons for them.
On their part, Dr. Mustafa Abu Safa, the Vice President of the University  Academic Affairs and Dr. Amjad Barham, the Vice President of the University Administrative Affairs, pointed out that the University will continue to provide the necessary support to the University students and its various bodies to participate in the local and global contests and competitions .
For his part, Dr. Zeineddin Salah, the Dean of the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering praised the two teams and their supervisors who participated in this year competition and he thanked the University administration and the Board of Trustees for their continuous efforts  in developing the University and supporting students' activities.
The University team also thanked the supervisors of the competition from the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for their efforts in making this competition a success.
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