Palestine Polytechnic University ranked First at the 20th. Creative Student Forum titled" Globalization and its Impact on the Developing Countries- Challenges and Opportunities"

Palestine Polytechnic University received the first place for its distinguished participation at the regional level in the 20th  Creative Student Forum, titled" Globalization and its Impact on the Developing Countries – Challenges and Opportunities". The university participated in two research papers for students from the College of Engineering in the field of Medical devices.

The students: Issam Salem Mahroum and Nada Salman, ranked first for their distinguished papers titled " Design and Implementation of an Artificial Upper Functional Limb", and supervised by engineer Fidaa Ja'afreh, 

The other research paper titled " The dynamic Analysis of A Skull with Multiple Injuries Using ANSYS Program" was implemented by the two female students: Eiman Abu Tabikh and Samah Khallaf. It was supervised by Dr. Ramzi Qawasmi, the Supervisor of medical devices, and engineer Majdi Zalloum, ,

The participants in this field were 14 distributed among the universities of the Arab countries including Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, the Arab Emirates and Iraq.

It is noteworthy that the forum was organized by the Arab Council for Training Students of Arab Universities, formed by the Association of Arab University and hosted by Al-Zaytoonah University in Jordan.

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