Palestine Polytechnic University receives a delegation from both the International AECOM and the Palestinian Power Project

On October, 2018, the University received a delegation from both AECOM and the Palestinian Power Project funded by the United States Agency for Development (USAID). The delegation consisted of Mr. Turgy Jerlash, the Director of Development branch, Mr. Mark Siles, the Director of the Palestinian Energy Project, engineer Falah Dumairi and engineer Fadi Samarah.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Imad Khatib, the President of Palestine Polytechnic University and other key members of the University welcomed the guest delegation. Then he stressed the importance of special partnership with the Palestinian Energy Project which resulted in a fruitful effort regarding the photovoltaic power system that feeds Wadi al-Hariya buildings, indicating also the direct and indirect benefits of this system and the need to develop  such relationship in the future.

Mr. Turgy Jerlash  gave a brief overview on the company’s work and he also expressed his admiration for such partnership with the PPU and the Palestinian Energy Project. The attendees then discussed the dimensions of this relationship between AECOM and the PPU in developing the professional abilities and skills of the academic cadre and the students through customized training programs..

After that the delegation was taken on a tour to take a look at the work of the photovoltaic power system and then they visited the NI LabView Academy and the Flash Test Machine Unit. The guests expressed their admiration for the staff, the facilities in the labs, and the services the University has provided to the local community.

It is noteworthy that AECOM operates on a global scale and has a number of branches worldwide and in the Middle East and is now engaged in a large-scale projects in construction and technology.  


Public Relations Department