Palestine Polytechnic University wins the Award of Engineer Zuhair Hijawi for Scientific Research at the Palestinian Universities level

Palestine Polytechnic University, has won the Award of Engineer Zuhair Hijjawi for Scientific Research. In this completion, many Palestinian universities competed and submitted research papers in many fields.

The Arab American University in Jenin, the sponsor of this Award, announced the winners in this competition. The first winning project is titled “Reproduction of the Gene responsible for the production of Lactic Enzyme” for the female students: Lamees Zarou, Manar Ijreiwi, Maryam Hamdan and Aseel Fannoun, from Applied Biology specialization, supervised by Dr. Fawzi al-Razem and Mr. Murad Ishnaiwer, from the Applied Sciences College.
The other winning project is titled “ The Use of Water Jellies for Agricultural Purposes” for the female students: Rana Abu Ghayadah and Rawan Okaili, from Environmental technology Engineering specialization, supervised by Dr. Maher al-Ja’bari, from the Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering.
Also, the third winning project is titled “Classification of Insecticides used in Palestine and its Impact on Health and Environment” for the students: Safa Sultan and Bayan Yaghmour, from Environment technology Engineering,  supervised by Dr. Yaser Issa, from the Ministry of Health, and Dr. Hasan Sawalhah Manasra, from  the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering/
The President of the University Prof. Imad Khatib congratulated the students for winning the Award of Zuhair Hijawi for Scientific Research for the year 2018, pointing out that the university always supports and encourages scientific research and seeks development in the health sector, which is consistent to the University strategic plan. Then he expressed his pride in the level of the University students and their achievements in all aspects of life.
It is noteworthy that Award of Zuhair Hijawi for SR  aims to encourage the students’ innovative and creative talents in recognition of their distinctive achievements that seek solutions for scientific and technological problems that have a great impact on the society and economics. In addition, this Award aims to enhance the spirit of competition among students in Palestinian Universities.



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