Palestine Polytechnic University signs Cooperation Agreement with Goethe Institute for German Language

Prof. Imad Khatib, President of Palestine Polytechnic University and Ms. Mona Kreigler, the Director of Goethe Institute, have signed a joint cooperation agreement in the presence of Mrs. Orte Leopold and the Chairman of University Graduates Union and the PPU Board of Trustees Mr. Ahmad Sa’id al-Tamimi, in addition to Dr. Mustafa Abu al-Safa, the Vice President of the Academic Affairs and Dr. Mohammed Tamimi, the Director of the Language and Translation Center (LTC). The purpose of this agreement is supporting all the efforts that aims to appreciate the German culture and  language and strengthen the ties between the two countries.

Dr. al-Khatib stressed the importance of such agreement in introducing training and specialized courses in German language to be able to provide the labor market with qualified graduates.  This training would provide both students and  the people of Hebron with services and promote constructive cooperation at the local, regional and global level.

Dr. al-Tamimi stated that this partnership would enhance the LTC’ efforts to facilitate training and leaning German language as well as fostering cultural affinity between the two parties. He added that would be provided by qualified specialists from the Republic of Germany, and that would be of great benefit to university students and the local community alike. 


Public Relations Department