Palestinian Researcher from Palestine Polytechnic University wins the Best Research in the Field of Architectural Engineering at the European Level

A Palestinian researcher:  Bader Atawneh,  a teacher at the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering at PPU, and currently existing in Italy  to complete his doctoral thesis, has won the best research "poster" in the field of architectural Engineering at the level of European universities.

His research “poster”  has been chosen as the best poster from among 38 posters for PhD dissertations  of students from different European universities, based on its originality, methodology and content.

The subject of this research paper revolves around setting down design rules for one of the most prominent modern global trends in architecture, which is deeply-rooted in the Arab-Islamic architecture, so that it can be associated with sustainability.

The researcher, Dr. Atawneh,  has published various scientific papers at conferences in the Moroccan city of Morocco, the Swiss city of Bern,  the Portuguese city of Coimbra, and  the Palestinian city of Ramallah. The scientific paper which focuses on the development of some of the architectural solutions in Palestine, especially in Gaza Strip, and published by a Moroccan conference, has been selected as the best research paper. The paper aims at finding economic and environmental housing to compensate the residents of Gaza whose houses have been demolished by the repeated Israeli attacks, in addition to finding environmentally friendly housing and improving its functionality.


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